Friday, May 30, 2014

Greek God Ares

   The god I am doing is called Ares he is a Greek god. Ares seen as either a , bearded warrior dressed in battle arms, or a  beardless man with helm and spear.At Athens he had a temple containing a statue made by Alcamenes. Ares was arrogant, aggressive, athletic, muscular and fit. This god had the power to start wars so people were careful about arguing.

I chose this god because he can bring death upon the world wherever and whenever. He can cause a lot of chaos that people don't want. So you have to be careful with Ares. I would respect this god because once again he can cause tons of deaths whenever he wants.His greatest strengths were being a strong man and causing chaos. His weakness is getting wounds and going to his mom Hera to fix them.

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